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Akcje COST

Aktualne projekty

COST Action CA21139 – 3Rs concepts to improve the quality of biomedical science (IMPROVE).

COST Action CA21149 – Reducing acrylamide exposure of consumers by a cereals supply-chain approach targeting asparagine (ACRYRED).

COST Action CA20128 – Promoting Innovation of ferMENTed fOods.

COST Action ​CA18113 – Understanding and exploiting the impacts of low pH on micro-organisms.

Projekty zakończone

COST Action CA16119 CellFit – In vitro 3-D total cell guidance and fitness.

COST Action FA1402 ImpARAS – Improving Allergy Risk Assessment Strategy for new food proteins.

COST Action FA1403 POSITIVe – Interindividual variation in response to consumption of plant food bioactives and determinants involved.

COST Action FA 1205 AQUAGAMETE – Assessing and improving the quality of aquatic animal gametes to enhance aquatic resources – The need to harmonize and standardize evolving methodologies, and improve transfer from academia to industry.

COST Action FA1201 EPICONCEPT – Epigenetics and Periconception Environment.

COST Action FA1005 INFOGESTImproving health properties of food by sharing our knowledge on the digestive process

COST Action FA0702 GEMINI – Maternal Interaction With Gametes and Embryo.

COST Action FA0801 LarvaNet – Critical success factors for fish larval production in European Aquaculture: a multidisciplinary network.

COST 926 – Impact of new technologies on the health benefits and safety of bioactive plant compounds.

COST 927 – Thermally processed foods: possible health implications.

COST Action 958 – Viticulture: biotic and abiotic stress – grapevine defence mechanism and grape development.

COST Action D31 – Novel and specific anion receptors for use in sensor technology.

COST FA802 – Feed for health.