10 researchers, 10 podcasts and several thousand audience – this season #AnnualFoodAgenda premiered… on air. Researchers from IARFR PAS engaged with consumers through a series of radio broadcasts addressing the topics of healthier nutrition and sustainable diets.

For about 4 weeks we aired numerous food facts in region’s most popular radio station and inspired the public to re-think their current eating habits and make informed food choices. The consumers debunked the most common myths about milk and bakery products, discovered the best sources of antioxidants, found out the importance of blue acquaculture, and learnt about the little recognized nutritional value of molds, yeasts and fungi. What is more, the researchers elaborated on the locally available superfoods as well as traps of elimination diets, such as gluten or lactose-free diets. The unique podcasts are now available online: Finally, each radio broadcast was followed with a knolwedge competition published in the social media, inviting consumers to test their understanding of the scientific information presented by the experts. A total of 10 quizzes was designed and posted in Facebook, enagaging over 500 contestants.