Carrying out interdisciplinary research explaining the mechanisms of environmental impact on the well-being of humans and animals, and dissemination of results obtained.

Strategic objectives

  • Institute’s research excellence in interdisciplinary studies on the factors influencing physiological and pathological processes in humans and animals.
  • Consistency of Institute’s research priorities with the socioeconomic needs of the country and the region.
  • Integration of Institute’s infrastructure.

Impementation of strategic objectives

  • Continuation of efforts aimed at establishing long term partnership of the Institute with leading national and European research units with similar or complementary scientific and technological profiles in order to implement common research initiatives.
  • Investment in Institute’s creative human capital and research infrastructure for strengthening its capacity to conduct research at a level that ensures maintaining of the leading position in the country.
  • Offering compelling forms of employment which will counteract ”brain drain” and attract top-class scientists to the Institute.
  • Improvement of internal organizational structure of the Institute leading to the integration of divisions, change in the number of departments and creation of commonly available core facilities.
  • Stimulating scientific and administrative environments for the realization of investments ensuring integration of Institute’s quarters.
  • Dissemination and popularization of the achievements of the Institute and the Polish Academy of Sciences.