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Graduate Studies

The Institute offers Ph.D. studies in the area of agricultural sciences, in two majors: animal reproduction and food science. Students participate in current investigations conducted in both Institute’s Divisions, including molecular, biochemical and physiological bases of domestic animals and fish reproduction; biotechnique and biotechnology of reproduction; biochemical and immunochemical properties of dietary glycoproteins; phytocompounds with a significant impact on consumer health, and application of in vivo methods in the evaluation of biological properties and safety of food.

The stationary PhD studies span for four years and are free of charge. They prepare students for mastering the degree of a doctor of agricultural sciences in the major of animal husbandry (Division of Reproductive Biology) or food technology (Division of Food Sciences), in compliance with Institute’s entitlements. Study agenda assumes a cycle of lectures and seminars. Their major objective is to enable the effective completion of research tasks as well as to improve professional qualifications of students and providing them with up to day interdisciplinary knowledge in the scope of biological and chemical sciences. The lectures are to be delivered by both experienced staff members of the Institute as well as experts from other renowned research centres.


Human resources manager: mgr Joanna Papurzyńska;
tel. +48 89 523 46 31; e-mail:

Ph.D. study manager: doc. dr hab. Aneta Andronowska;
tel. +48 89 539 31 20; e-mail: