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Biological Function of Food

Our research deepens contemporary knowledge about the impact of diet and food quality on the health of the body. The material for the research are food products and supplements as a source of nutrients and biologically active compounds, the dietary presence of which may exacerbate or alleviate metabolic disorders specific to diet-related diseases, such as obesity, diabetes or some gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases.

We pay particular attention to understanding physiological and molecular mechanisms by which previously known and potentially new dietary components affect the gut and metabolic health of the body, and we follow the interactions between individual components in the body as well. Our current subject of interest are: polyphenolic extracts and fiber-phenolic preparations, dietary fiber and unsaturated fatty acids from unconventional sources, trace minerals in the form of nanoparticles, prebiotic preparations and food additives. We conduct feeding experiments mainly on laboratory rodents, used as a research model to reflect the state of human health, and jointly with other scientific groups on farm animals to improve the health quality of animal products, such as meat or eggs.

Our scientific group also includes the Regenerative Biology Team. Details available at