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Sensory Laboratory located in Olsztyn and lead by Dr. Sci. Agnieszka Troszyńska was created from Department of Sensory Analysis of Food, which was located in Warsaw and led by Prof. Dr. Nina Baryłko-Pikielna until 2000 year. Since then researches closely connected with researches led in Departments of Division of Food Science are conducted in the Laboratory and they are focused on the sensory quality of health-promoting bioactive compounds. It is well known that bioactive compounds indicate both positive and negative sensory activity. To benefit from their health-promoting properties a sensory acceptance of food products is essential. Researches conducted in Laboratory are focused on sensory quality of food and their changes with different quality of raw material, parameters of production, time and conditions of storage and other parameters of changeability. In order to find relation between analitical sensory data and consumer data, relatively between sensory data and functional properties, a modern statistical chemometric techniques (PCA,CA,PLS) are used.