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Animal Laboratory

Animal Lab conventional type CV is located in the building of the Department of Food Sciences at 10 Tuwima Street. The first lab with an area of 120 m2 was established in 1998 thanks to a grant of the Foundation for Polish Science. In 2011its area was increased to 150 m2 and thoroughly modernized with a grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and now it meets all the requirements for modern facilities of this type.

The lab consists of:

  • 2 air-conditioned rooms to keep the mother herd of Wistar rats,
  • 2 air-conditioned rooms to conduct studies with 130 individually-kept rats and 36 rats kept in metabolic cages,
  • 1 air-conditioned room for studies on mice, with 60 cages for individual or group experiments,
  • 2 individually air-conditioned rooms for studies on mice, with 210 cages for individual or group experiments,
  • Surgery room,
  • Room for diet preparation,
  • Cage washing room,
  • Storage room,
  • Utility Room;

Facilities of Animal Lab are currently used by:

All experiments are conducted with the permission of the Local Ethical Committee for Animal Experiments in Olsztyn.

Animal Lab offers:

  • possibility of growing rats for experiments,
  • care of the animals during the testing period,
  • conducting nutrition experiments according to the agreed terms.