Dr Joanna Szuszkiewicz, who completed her PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Monika Kaczmarek, received the Scientific Award of the Society for Reproductive Biology for the best scientific work in the field of reproductive biology in 2022.

The awarded publication entitled „Early steps of embryo implantation are regulated by exchange of extracellular vesicles between the embryo and the endometrium” by Joanna Szuszkiewicz, Kamil Myszczynski, Zaneta P. Reliszko, Yael Heifetz and Monika M. Kaczmarek was published in FASEB Journal 36: e22450 (2022); https://doi.org/10.1096/fj.202200677R. This publication was included in the doctoral thesis of Dr. Szuszkiewicz, conducted under the supervision of Prof. Monika Kaczmarek and defended at the Institute’s Hormonal Action Mechanisms Department in March, 2023.

Dr. Szuszkiewicz and coworkers (2021) described the mechanism of communication between the embryo and the mother in the peri-implantation period with the participation of extracellular vesicles (EVs) carrying miRNAs. EVs, identified in the uterus, together with the miRNAs they carry, of both embryonic and maternal origin, appear to modulate the transcriptome of the embryo, affecting its proper growth, development, and implantation. These results make an important contribution to our understanding of the complex processes involved in early pregnancy.

Data publikacji: 25.08.2023