The publication by the team of Dr. Agnieszka Wacławik from the Department of Hormone Mechanisms, entitled „Novel role for conceptus signals in mRNA expression regulation by DNA methylation in porcine endometrium during early pregnancy” by P. Kaczyński, V. van der Weijden, E. Goryszewska-Szczurek, M. Baryly, SE Ulbrich and A. Waclawik, was selected as ’Editor’s choice’ in the prestigious journal Biology of Reproduction 2023, 108(1): 150-168.

’Edtitor’s choice’ publications are articles that have made a significant contribution to a field of science. The selection of an article as an 'Editor’s choice’ recognises the authors’ work and highlights the importance of their research in the field of reproductive biology.

Dr. Piotr Kaczyński and the authors mentioned above have described a novel mechanism of embryonic effects on processes related to methylation changes in DNA sequences that may regulate the expression of genes in the endometrium that are important for the development of pregnancy. The findings, published in the journal Biology of Reproduction (2023, 108(1): 150-168, doi: 10.1093/biolre/ioac193), were produced within the framework of the NCN OPUS project (2017/27/B/NZ9/03014) under the direction of Dr. Agnieszka Wacławik, carried out at our Institute and during the internship of Dr. Piotr Kaczyński in the team of Prof S. Ulbrich at the ETH Zurich.

Data publikacji: 3.02.2023