Dr. Katarzyna Walendzik from the Regenerative Biology Team received a prestigious grant from the National Science Center SONATINA, which gives young scientists the opportunity to conduct research and carry out internships in prestigious foreign centers:

„The effect of age and diet on dWAT lipid metabolism in mouse model”

Budget: PLN 1,394,035

Dr. Walendzik’s research project will show that age-related and diet-dependent changes in metabolism and dermal White Adipose Tissue (dWAT) properties affect homeostasis and the healing process of skin injuries. Thanks to the application of the in vivo model, the cumulative effect of age and diet on skin lipid turnover in intact and post wounded skin will be determined. On the other hand, in vitro experiments will unravel the molecular regulation of dWAT lipid metabolism. Recognition of these mechanisms may contribute to the development of new methods of prevention and treatment of chronic / non-healing wounds resulting from diseases related to overweight, obesity and progressive age.

The SONATINA competition is addressed to researchers who have obtained a doctoral degree within 3 years before the year of submitting the application. The awarded grant covers the costs of employing the laureates in Polish research units, carrying out basic research and research and implementation work, as well as 3 to 6-month internships abroad. After the completion of the grants, scientists can apply for funding for projects in the SONATA competition for more experienced researchers, or the SONATA BIS call, which enables the creation of a new team.

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Data publikacji: 1.08.2022