The first meeting concerning the realization of the National Science Centre Project titled „Redox active monolayers for exploring of anion recognitions processes in aqueous phase” (No 2016/21/B/ST4/03834) was held in Łańsk (Olsztyn), in September 12 –14, 2017 r. The following persons have attended: Prof. Stefan Kubik, PhD Disha Mungalpara and M.Sc. Lígia Mesquita from the Technische Univeritäte Kaiserslautern (Germany, Prof. Wim Dehaen, M.Sc. Tomas Opsomer, M.Sc. Tomas Horsten and M.Sc. Pieterjan Winant from Department of Chemistry University of Leuven (Belgium), Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Radecki and M.Sc. Piotr Gołębiewski from Biosensors Department of Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS in Olsztyn (Poland).

During this meeting all members gave oral presentation concerning realization of the project No 2016/21/B/ST4/03834.

Next, processes of anion recognitions in aqueous media and the mechanism generation of electrochemical signals have been discussed.

Based on this discussion, the structures of new anion receptors responsible for anion recognition in aqueous media were planned.


Data publikacji: 28.09.2017