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Equipment and applied methods ZB


  1. Electrochemical measurement system AUTOLAB, Eco Chemie, The Netherlands;
  2. Labs, Inc. EMF16 Precision Electrochemistry EMF Interface, Lawson, USA;
  3. Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) 410 CH Instruments, USA;
  4. OCA 15 – for wettability angels measurements DataPhysic, Germany;
  5. Surface plasmon resonanace (SPR), AUTOLAB, Eco Chemie, The Netherlands;
  6. Spectrophotometer NANODROP 2000, Thermo Scientific, US.


  • cyclic voltammetry,
  • square wave voltammetry,
  • differential pulse voltammetry,
  • electrochemical impedance spectroscopy,
  • quartz microbalance,
  • measurement of contact angle,
  • surface plasmon resonance.