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Biology and Pathology of Human Reproduction

Department studies are focused on various aspects of infertility and human reproductive problems. In recent years there has been significant development of human assisted reproductive technologies. Unforunately, many issues still remain unsolved. Difficulties in assessing the reproductive potential of gametes and ability of embryos development make it necessary to fertilize more oocytes  and transfer into the uterus at least two embryos of unknown capacity for implantation. It has a significant impact on the effectiveness of methods and increase the percentage of multiple pregnancies and gynecological complications.

Therefore, the operation of the department focuses on the following research tasks:

  • evaluation of ovarian reserve and its impact on the potential of an oocyte with an attempt to work out of biomarkers of developmental quality,

  • the role of steroids in development of follicles and maturation of the oocyte,

  • assessing the fertilizing capacity of sperm,

  • attempts to develop methods to assess the development potential of embryos,

  •  analysis of endometrial receptivity.