Another extraordinary meeting with the Olsztyn Children’s Academy is behind us. This time the young students were met by Dr. Anna Szóstek-Mioduchowska, who talked about an issue of particular importance in the autumn-winter season – the immune system. Dr. Szóstek-Mioduchowska drew attention to the human body’s 'tools’ for defending itself against harmful external and internal factors. What immune cells do we find in the human body and how many are there in one drop of blood? What is the difference between innate and acquired immunity? What does the body tell us when we are affected by ailments characterised by inflammation? Answers to these and many other questions were sought during the meeting.

The students were also treated to a workshop session where they could play young chemists’ roles. Under the supervision of Kamila Penkacik, M.Sc., the children studied magical antioxidants and created molecular pearls.

The third meeting of the Academy took place on 11 February at Olsztyn’s Planetarium. The next is planned for 15 April. More information about the Olsztyn Children’s Academy can be found on the Planetarium website under the Education tab.


Data publikacji: 28.02.2023