3D food printers, mobile polyphenol tests for fruits and juices, innovative food preservation methods and the afterlife of food waste. On October 4th, EIT Food #AnnualFoodAgenda showroom called ‚Food open to the world’ took place during the ‚Transition Festival’ at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, Poland.

As a part of #Annual Food Agenda season 4: #FoodSustainability theme, researchers from the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS, together with MASPEX experts and agri-food innovators, brought us closer to the latest scientific and technological achievements that lead to the production of healthy, safe, nutritious food, with a maximal use of raw materials and a minimal environmental imprint. In the EIT Food showroom, we could find 3D food printers, mobile polyphenol tests for fruits and juices, as well as an intelligent plant lighting system that allows producing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers throughout the year. Entire families could take a closer look at natural and functional food products, as well as plant-based proteins, exploited as  alternatives to animal and soy proteins. During ’hands-on’ workshops and demonstrations, we learnt about innovative food preservation methods and food products with a 30-year long expiration date. In addition, the guests got familiarized with personalized foodstuffs dedicated to people suffering from diet-related diseases and checked the unique nutritional value of some selected food production side streams. Last but not least, everyone took part in ‚zero waste’ games and explored the concept of  ‚food sharing’.






Data publikacji: 7.10.2019