Director of Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Science in Olsztyn announces an open call for the position:

  • assistant professor at the Department of of Gamete and Embryo Biology (number of positions: 2)

Research and other activities in which the candidate will take part in:

  • research on in vitro culture of bovine embryos using transcriptomic and proteomic techniques,
  • research related to the searching for molecular quality markers of oocytes,
  • studies of mechanisms conditioning the activation of ovarian tissue – in vitro and in vivo.

Information on work conditions and perspectives of personal professional development:

Participation in above mentioned scientific research and implementation works will contribute to significant improvement of competencies of a candidate in the field of research related in vitro bovine embryo culture and ovarian tissue activation with the use of molecular biology analytical techniques.

Main requirements:

  • PhD in agriculture sciences, medical sciences or similar;
  • Experience in research on in vitro production and culture of bovine embryos;
  • Good, documented by own research (in the form of a doctoral dissertation, publication from the Philadelphia list and presentation of results at scientific conferences) knowledge in the field of animal reproduction biology;
  • Experience in applying molecular biology methods (including Real Time PCR, Western Blot) and microscopic techniques (immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence);
  • Management in at least one project of the nature of basic research thematically related to the scientific and research activity of the Institute’s Biology Reproduction Division;
  • At least two months of scientific internship outside the candidate’s home country;
  • Participation in research projects;
  • Active participation in international works shop and scientific conferences;
  • Very good English communication skills;
  • Very good knowledge in using computer and analytical equipment.

Subsidiary requirements:

  • Experience in implementing research projects;
  • Communication skills;
  • Team working abilities.

Documents to be submitted:

  • curriculum vitae with scientific record,
  • covering letter,
  • copy of PhD diploma,
  • documents confirming internship,
  • recommendation letter signed by a recognized researcher.

The documents should be sent to the below address (the post stamp will be taken into account):

Mrs. Joanna Papurzyńska
Human Resources Specialist
Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research
Polish Academy of Sciences
Tuwima Street 10
10-748 OLSZTYN

The deadline for sending the documents is April 12, 2019 12.00. a.m.

The documents could also be sent via e-mail to:

Results of the call will be announced within 31 days since the application deadline.


Data publikacji: 12.02.2019