Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS in Olsztyn will have new premises with leading technology enabled business spaces. Headquartered in the neighborhood of the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park, the Institute will unlock its research potential and strengthen cooperation with the industry.

„Our premises are currently dispersed. The departments are located at four different sites in two cities. The divisions of Food Research and Reproductive Biology are headquartered in Olsztyn at Tuwima str. and Bydgoska str., respectively. Białystok in turn, seats the department working on the prophylaxis of metabolic diseases (at Science and Technology Park) and the department focused on the pathologies of human reproduction (at Medical University)” – says Prof. Mariusz Piskuła, Institute’s Director General. 

„Working at four different places can be troublesome because of the logistics, management and  financial matters. Such conditions impede development and are not favourable to host visiting researchers, PhD students and interns. We have therefore tried to find a site that would allow us to work together” – adds Prof. Piskuła.

One of the main challenges scientists face is the low level of research results being transferred to the industry.

„Since 2010 institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences are no longer limited to conducting fundamental research only. Researchers are now expected to contribute to the economy by translating results of scientific projects directly for the benefit of the society and human well-being” – stressed Prof. Piskuła.

„The new premises with R+D facilities will cost 93M PLN, with over 77M being covered by the EU subsidies. The remaining amount will constitute Institute’s contribution. What is important, the investment has been placed on the Polish Road Map of the Research Infrastructure of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education” – he added.

According to the objectives of the project, the Institute will perform business activity, as 30% of the investment is to be dedicated to the cooperation with the industry.

„In my opinion, the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park lacks a unit that would provide its tenants with a high-quality technological support by offering access to world-class research infrastructure and highly-skilled staff. And this is exactly what our Institute has to offer” – explained Piskuła.

Institute will build its premises in the formula of a Public – Private Partnership (PPP). The private partner will be selected within a year, and the Institute will pay off its contribution in a form of a fee for availability. The total repayment will be made within 15 years. It is, however, possible that the pay-off period will be shorter.  

„We are positive about implementation of the project in this formula, since 85% of the investment will be covered by the EU subsidies. Institute is economically strong, and we have as long as a year to select a partner who will successfully complete the task.” – added Piskuła.

The plans of building the new premises of the Institute date back to the year 2011. In 2013 the Institute signed with the City Council – acting as the Science and Technology Park administrator – an intent letter to locate its new quarters in the Park. In 2015 Institute bought a 2.2 hectare plot in the immediate neighborhood of the Park to be exploited for its premises. These will have an area of ​​over 9,000 square meters, with about 200 people working onsite. The construction works will start at the end of 2018 and finish in December 2020.​


Data publikacji: 4.01.2018