As every year, Institute’s researchers took part in the Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. The main theme of the 21st edition of the Picnic was the EARTH.

Guests to the edutaining activities organized at the stand of the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS could i.a. discover the diversified world of microorganisms, understand their role in the nature, and try their hands at creating models of beneficial and pathogenic bacteria with the use of textiles. During the interactive science show “Who was here? Meet the residents of forests” we could admire the antler of red deer, check its age and, at the same time, gain knowledge on the behavior of this wild animal. Next, everyone could learn how to distinguish animals comparing traces they leave.

Workshops prepared by the Institute’s researchers were visited by a few thousand people, with the kids having made over 7 hundred bacteria models and over 500 microscope preparations.  

We wish to express our gratitude to all scientists who engaged in the Picnic and shared their passion and knowledge with the guests.

Data publikacji: 6.06.2017