On April 22-26, 2017 representatives of IAR&FR – Prof. Mariusz Piskuła, Prof. Barbara Wróblewska, Prof. Dariusz Skarzyński and Dr. Mamadou Bah – paid a visit in Algeria as a follow-up of the cooperation launched by the two countries in 2015.

The meeting was aimed at strengthening the scientific links and mutual exchange of expertise. The visit was supervised by Rafał Raźny, agricultural advisor to the Polish Embassy in Algiers, and Amina Bessaad from DPIEE. Institute’s representatives took part in numerous side visits and discussions with the management boards of i.a. the Directorate of Programming, Investments and Economic Analysis of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries (DPIEE), National Institute of Veterinary Medicine (INMV), Giplait Group (state dairy holding company), Technical Institute of Animal Breeding (ITELV), and the National Center for Genetic Improvement and Artificial Insemination (CNIAAG). The stay also involved a visit at the DHAOUI Ahmed dairy and pilot plant of the Giplait Group in the Medea province. Particularly interesting were the conservation farms of numerous Algerian sheep species and the station for cattle breeding and insemination (CNIAAG). The meeting was a valuable occasion to discuss many issues constituting a basis for future joint projects and scientific exchange. Partners from Algeria were mainly interested in the development of domestic dairy industry, requiring a proper preparation and use of pastures, local raw materials and both domestic and imported cattle breeds as well as sheep and camels. To achieve this goal it is necessary to implement modern analytical methods and create a research platform allowing to generate joint endeavous on an international scale. The excellence of Polish agriculture and presence of Polish companies on the Algerian market (Mlekovita milk powder, Metal-Fach agricultural machinery) prove effective contacts of Algeria with Polish entrepreneurs. IAR&FR is looking forward to a future fruitful collaboration in the area of research with Algerian partners.
The summary of the visit took place at the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, with the presence of Faten Bechikhi, director of Programming Investments and Economic Analysis. It was jointly agreed that the visit was a valuable experience for both sides, who will now undertake all efforts aimed at implementation of joint Polish-Algerian projects.


Data publikacji: 8.05.2017