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Current projects RI&P

  • Immuno- and neuro-endocrine mechanisms of pathogenesis of female reproductive organs disorders: inflammation, degeneration, neoplasia ( PAS Statutory Fund).
  • Role of actin and its binding proteins in endometrial remodeling during early pregnancy in pigs (Special statutory fund;  2015-2017; B.M. Jalali).
  • Influence of Phor14-lytic peptide GnRH conjugated to limit the functionality of the gonadotropic cells in vitro and in vivo: potential biological effects and the possibility of developing a new method for the pharmacological control of animal reproduction laboratory rat model” (KNOW project, UMO-KNOW2016/IRZBiBŻ/PRO1/01/9, 2016-2019; M. Siemieniuch).
  • Role of leptin in the pathogenesis of the endometrium during obesity progression in mice (KNOW project, UMO-KNOW2016/IRZiBŻ/PRO1/01/3, 2016-2019; A.M. Galvao).
  • Fibrosis of the endometrium as a potential cause of disorders of implantation and early pregnancy loss in mares: effects of ovarian steroids, prostaglandins and lysophosphatidic acid and its receptors in the pathogenesis” (NSC MAESTRO Project Nr 2011/02/A/NZ5/00338; 2012-2017; D.J. Skarzynski).
  • The effect of prostaglandin F2α secretion and action of fibroblast growth factor in the corpus luteum cows involved in the regulation of angiogenesis and luteolysis (NSC OPUS project; 2011/03 / B / NZ9 / 01634; 2012-2016; D.J. Skarzynski).
  • The role myofibroblastów in chronic degenerative endometritis in mares (MS&HE Project, 0463 / IP1 / 2015/73; 2015-2018; A.Z. Szóstek).
  • The role of leptin in the pathogenesis of ovarian dysfunction in the development of obesity (Project NSC Sonata; 2014/15/D/CC4/01152; 2015-2018; A.M. Galvao).
  • The impact of the of transforming growth factor ß superfamily on the function of corpus luteum in mare (Higher Education Project; IP2014 01137; 2015-2017; A.M. Galvao).
  • Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR) – expression level and the factors that modify the intensity of the signal transduction in the uterus of cows during the estrous cycle and experimentally induced inflammatory processes (Project OPUS NCN; 2013/11/B/CC4/04516; 2014-2017; A. Korzekwa) .
  • Does the death of cells in the structural regression of the corpus luteum cows can proceed independently of caspase activation and induction of apoptosis? Project NSC Sonata N/2013/11/D/NZ /02685; 2014-2016; T. Hojo).
  • Expression profile of PPAR: PPARalfa, PPARbeta/delta and PPARgamma in the corpus luteum cows in the course of the estrous cycle and under the influence PGF2alfa (NSC Preludium project; 2014/15 /N/NZ9/ 02428; 2015-2017; B. Socha).
  • The role of vascular endothelial growth factor in angiogenesis and uterine adenomyosis the cows (Project NSC Preludium 2014/15/N/NZ9/02414; 2015-2017; M. Lupicka)