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Local Physiological Regulations

The aim of the research conducted in the Department is to explain the role of the local physiological regulations in the control of female reproductive organ and their neuroendocrine mechanisms. The subject of the study is:

in central nervous system:

  1. influence of environmental factors (photoperiod and phyto- and xenoestrogens) on function of the brain barriers regulating the access of substances to the brain,
  2. the retrograde transfer of neurohormones and local destination transfer of male pheromones in the perihypophyseal vascular complex located at base of the brain,
  3. humoral pathway for the action of male pheromone on reproductive processes in females;

in reproductive organs:

  1. regulative effects of the retrograde transfer of steroid ovarian hormones,
  2. the role of uterine blood supply in the regulation of animal estrous cycle,
  3. retrograde transfer (to the uterus) and local destination transfer (to the ovary and oviduct) of uterine prostaglandins and their influence on uterine and ovarian function.