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The Microbiological Laboratory supervises 1000 bacteria strains collection. The 400 strains out of 1000 bacteria strains collection account for probiotic Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains isolated from selected media.

The main tasks of the laboratory are as follows :

  • storing the strains with good survival rate and desirable properties
  • making the strains available to the all interested.
  • searching for the new strains with suitable properties, their subsequent classification and identification as well selecting the proper storage conditions on the laboratory scale.

The laboratory staff participate in the research carried out in the other departments. The research are placed within the main research areas in the Division of Food Science and focused on:

  • determination of qualitative and quantitative changes of endogenous intestinal microflora
  • interactions of gut microecosystem with antioxidants present in food
  • application of Lactobacillus and  Bifidobacterium strains to decrease the immunoreactive properties of milk proteins.