The end of August was very busy for Polish Konik horses from Popielno. On August 19-20, 2022, in Popielno the breeding event „Weekend with Polish Konik Horses” took place, followed a week later by Tarpaniada 2022 in Sieraków Wielkopolski, where animals from our breeding presented themselves remarkably well.

On the first day of the „Weekend with Polish Konik Horses,” performance tests of Polish Konik horses were conducted, which were entered by a total of 7 horses – including two from the breeding of the Research Station in Popielno. The mares that entered the harness trial – DAWKA P and WIECHLINA – finished it with good and excellent marks. Five mares entered the dressage trial, one of which was withdrawn during the test due to insufficient fitness preparation.

A committee composed of the director of the Warmia-Mazury Horse Breeders’ Association, Adam Domzala, the director of the District Horse Breeders’ Association in Bialystok, Marek Niewinski, and the chairman of the Stud Book Commission for Polish Horses, Jan Slominski, conducted the licensing (i.e., an entry in the stud books) of one stallion and three mares, as well as the verification of a 5-year-old stallion and a 5-year-old mare. During the warranty, the stallion bred from Popielno – TOJAD P – received 82 points, while GWIAZDNICA P collected 80 points. A maximum of 100 bonus points can be collected, but this rarely happens – stallions with scores above 80 points are considered very good, and mares rated at 80 points are elite animals.

Horses from Popielno for the exhibition were prepared and presented by youngsters (Marika Frost, Martyna Hapka, and Zuzia Pejsak), who also prepared horses for the XX All-Around Polish Konik Competition, which took place on 22-23.08.2022 at the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Niedbalski in Wojnowo.

On the second day of the „Weekend with the Polish Konik,” the premium of foals took place. Fourteen foals were placed in the catalog: 10 bred from Popielno and four foals belonging to area breeders. The commission composed of: Jan Slomiany, Adam Domzala, and Kamila Bejar, an inspector of the Warmia-Mazury Horse Breeders Association in Olsztyn, awarded the title of a champion to the filly LEGENDA M and the title of vice-champion to the filly BABA JAGA P (from Popielno).

In turn, the mare JUNA P (from Popielno) was awarded the title of vice-champion of the XXI National Polish Horse Show in Sierakow Wielkopolski (Tarpaniada), which took place on August 26-27, 2022.

The Judging Panel, consisting of Zbigniew Jaworski – Chairman, Jaroslaw Szymoniak (Director of the Association of Breeders of Polish Horses of Greater Poland), and Marek Zulawski (member of the KKn Stud Book Commission), evaluated the horses on the grounds of the Sierakow Stallion Stud on the second day of Tarpaniada. Before the start of the evaluation, WZHK Director Jaroslaw Szymoniak presented Marta Siemieniuch. She heads the breeding of Polish Konik horses at the IARFR Research Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Popielno, with a silver union badge from the Polish Horse Breeders Association.

During the plate evaluation, the judging panel awarded the highest number of points to the mare HENARA D (43.65 points), while slightly lower marks were given to JUNA P (42.65 points). 10 of the 11 mares scored above 40 points, confirming that the level was even this year. Traditionally, breeders and owners of the best mares, in addition to cups funded by the Polish Horse Breeders Association, will receive monetary prizes awarded by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Data publikacji: 2.09.2022