We have learned the results of a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of the activities of scientific units for the years 2017-2021 carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science. 1,145 units from all over the country were assessed. The Institute obtained the highest position (category A +) in the discipline of food technology and nutrition and a very good position (category A) in the discipline of animal sciences and fisheries. The first was granted to only 3 scientific institutions in Poland. Thus, we are among the 6% of the most outstanding research centers in the country, whose activities are distinguished by the highest quality, and whose achievements are comparable to that of leading European research units.

The quality of the activity of scientific units for the years 2017-2021 was assessed by the Science Evaluation Committee (KEN). Pursuant to the Act on Higher Education and Science of 2018, also known as the „Constitution for Science” or „Act 2.0”, the evaluation covered newly defined scientific disciplines within the entire unit and the individual achievements of all employees conducting research activities in a given discipline. The new evaluation model comprised also new evaluation criteria covering three key areas:

  • Scientific or artistic level of the conducted activity (assessed on the basis of scientific publications and granted patents),
  • Financial results of scientific research and development works (the funds obtained for research projects obtained under international and national competitions, commercialization of research results and commissioned scientific works),
  • The impact of scientific activity on the society and economy (impact of scientific research results on the socio-economic development: implementation of the research results into the market and contact with society).

On the basis of the points awarded for individual criteria, as well as sets of reference values, the research units were awarded scientific categories in individual disciplines: A +, A, B +, B or C. These categories determine, among others, the possibility of awarding academic degrees, educating doctoral students in doctoral schools in individual disciplines and the amount of subsidies, i.e. funds from the state budget, allocated to the maintenance of research potential, development of young staff and teaching activities.

The prestigious A + category was awarded only to a few units from among those included in the A research category, distinguished by a particularly high level of research and developmental works. Selecting the best-of-the-best entities required additional evaluation, carried out by 2 experts, including one of the leading European research center in a given discipline.

We are proud of the result achieved, especially the fact that we were awarded the A + category as a result of two positive expert assessments. This is a proof that it is possible to conduct highest quality research in smaller research centers, to which Olsztyn undoubtedly belongs. The Institute’s finding itself among the elite group of the country’s leading research units honors the last 5 years of our intense work, for which I thank all employees who have diligently worked for the success of their disciplines. We are satisfied that experts appreciated both the high scientific level and financial results of our research, as well as the scale of impact our activities have on the socio-economic environment. Nevertheless, we believe that also in the animal sciences and fisheries discipline, we present the level qualifying us to the A + category, and we will make efforts to increase the scientific category by applying for expert re-evaluation – said the director of the Institute, Prof. Mariusz Piskuła.

The evaluation of activity of research units according to the new rules covered the period 2017-2021 and began on January 1, 2022. The results are not final yet. Research units have one month for appeals. The awarded category remain valid for the next 4 years.

List of scientific categories 2022


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Data publikacji: 1.08.2022