Scientists from the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences invited the local community to participate in attractive experiments that familiarized them with production, processing, and food safety topics.

Funded by the EIT Food, the project aims to sensitize students aged 13-16 to food issues as broadly as possible – from food production, processing and safety, through conscious consumer attitudes, reading labels and thoughtful purchasing decisions, diet-related diseases progressing all over the world, as well as the impact of food production on the natural environment.

During the workshops addressed mainly to children and adolescents, we looked at microscopic strongmen – yeast, we found out what bioactive compounds can be found in popular drinks, and what is the secret of food with a date of consumption reaching up to 30 years. The workshop was attended by over 150 people, to whom we introduced the topics implemented during the school year with students from two schools in Olsztyn. The activities proposed by the scientists met with great interest, which pleases the organizers, as it proves the need to learn about the complex topics of the food chain.

The #FoodScienceClass project is powered by EIT Food which works towards a sustainable, healthy and trustworthy food system. The project partners are: TECHNION (Israel), IARFR PAS in Olsztyn, Food Bank in Olsztyn, EUFIC (Belgium), VTT (Finland) and Rikolto (Belgium).





Data publikacji: 24.08.2021