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General profile

Integrated Immunodiagnostic Laboratory was organized as common initiative of the Department of Reproductive Immunology and Pathology and the Department of Food Immunology and Microbiology. The Laboratory was created within the project entitled: “Equipment and modernization of integrated educational and research laboratories in the Centre of Excellence BIOANIREP” supported by EU funds.

The Laboratory will conduct scientific researches and provide services within:

  • diagnosis of inflammation, allergy and cancer processes,
  • determination of efficacy of new anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory therapy and new methods of reproduction control and animal production, alternative to classical methods of chemotherapy (antibiotics, synthetic, hormonal preparations).

The Laboratory’s equipment includes:

  • Work station designated to immunoenzymatic analysis (ELISA) and immunoisotopic analysis (RIA), (DRIP),
  • Work station designated to morphometric and immunochemical analysis of blood (DRIP),
  • Work station designated to determination of specific immunoglobulin (DFIM)
  • Work station designated to cytokine analysis ELISpot (DFIM).