Thank you for taking part in Recycle Hero quiz powered by EIT Food InformPack!

In this activity you will check how much do you know about the recyking of food packaging.

The quiz will take you around 7 minutes! Let’s start!

Question 1

The packaging helps us to protect the food from bruises and damage. It's also a good shield against spoilage and drying out.

Question 2


We dispose of food packaging empty to not disturb its future processing. Food and liquid leftovers can affect the recycling process.

Question 3


It is made partially from paper, but also from plastic and aluminium, which are difficult to separate it by hand or using simple mechanical methods.

It is interesting that in different countries you should put it into the different containers.
For example in Poland or Spain you should put it into the PLASTIC/METAL container, but in Denmark you should put it into the GENERAL/MIXED WASTE container.
As you can see, the rules change depending on the region or country, so make sure to check them when you're visiting a new place.

Question 4


It is good to tear the metal lids off the plastic cups completely and throw them separately into the proper container. Remember - Donʼt crush the lids  – they will get too small for the sorting machines!

Question 5


If the packaging is dirty or greasy, throw it into the GENERAL/MIXED WASTE container, because oil/fats can affect the recycling process. If it’s clean - throw it into the PAPER container.

Question 6


This symbol is called Möbius Loop and it means that the packaging CAN be recycled and used to make new products after processing.

Question 7

The tidy man symbol doesn't specifically relate to recycling but is a reminder to not litter.

Question 8

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