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Equipment and applied methods HAM

  1. RIA and EIA of hormones and prostaglandins;
  2. Isolation and in vitro culture of:
    • luminal and stromal cells of the porcine endometrium,
    • myometrial cells of the uterus,
    • endothelial cells,
    • epithelial cells of the oviduct,
    • luteal cells,
    • granulosa cells,
    • trophoblast cells,
    • anterior pituitary cells,
  3. Collection, in vitro culture, cryopreservation and non-surgical transfer of porcine embryos;
  4. Histological analysis of the female reproductive tract;
  5. Immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent staining of tissues and cultured cells;
  6. Scanning and transmission electron microscopy;
  7. Western blot analysis;
  8. Isolation of DNA / RNA;
  9. Quantitative and qualitative DNA/ RNA analysis;
  10. Real-time PCR;
  11. Southern blot analysis;
  12. Cell transfection with plasmid vectors.