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Achievements C&BoF

  1. Obtaining two patents for gluten-free products: Gluten-free mix (P386253) and Gluten-free baking mix (P386254);
  2. Development and implementation procedures for non-clinical medical research of food phytochemicals bioavailability with the participation of volunteers as well as studies of phytochemicals bioavailability with animals (rats, sheep, pigs);
  3. Development and implementation of innovative procedures for the analysis and isolation of flavonoid and betalain from plant material and physiological fluids of humans and animals using  HPLC-DAD system coupled with mass spectrometer;
  4. Establishing that the highest quantities of health-promoting lower forms of inositol phosphates are synthesized from phytin during thermal processes (sterilisation, extrusion);
  5. Determining the antioxidative potential of basic cereals (buckwheat > barley > oats > rye > wheat);
  6. Postulating an indicator (the ratio of reduced to oxidized glutathione) as a useful tool for estimating the degree of oxidative processes in cereals;
  7. Analysing absorption of selected flavonoids and postulating a sequence of their conjugation;
  8. Obtaining concentrates of resistant to pancreatic α-amylase starch from pea starch according to Department’s own technological concept;
  9. Elaborating a profile of dynamic changes in phytochemicals during germination of cruciferous seeds and establishing optimal conditions of that process that would enable obtaining a product with the highest antioxidative capacity;
  10. Determining the sorption capacity of biopolymers, starches, proteins/lipids or complex systems of various botanical origin analysed against hydrophobic biologically-active substances (cholesterol, bile acids);
  11. Proving the beneficial effect of the food matrix, especially on absorption processes of flavonoids, which are poorly soluble in the alimentary tract;
  12. Elaborating a method for obtaining a dietary starch preparation containing a fraction of starch resistant to enzymatic hydrolysis, which resulted in granting a patent: ”Method for obtaining starch food preparation with elevated resistance to amylolytic enzymes” (Pat. No P. 325981; Country: Poland);
  13. Preparing and reserving two methods for producing gluten-free formulas: “Gluten-free baking formula” (patent application No P 386253) and “Gluten-free formula” (patent application No P 386254).