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Research & Dissemination

Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of PAS conducts basic and applicatory investigations in the area of agricultural, veterinary and biological sciences. The results achieved are implemented into the food and proceesing industry and animal breeding.

The Institute has been functioning for over 20 years. From its early beginnings the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of PAS has been holding a leading position amongst the Polish research centres in annual rankings of the State Committee for Scientific Research or the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Currently, the Institute employs 140 workers, including only 75 research staff members. Despite a low number of research staff,  its professors and professor assistants are amongst the most frequently cited scientists in their research disciplines.

Key achievements:

  • discovering unknown mechanisms of hormones and neurohormones transport in a female organism;
  • first ever demonstration of an immediate effect of gonadotropic hormones (and not of exclusively ovarian hormones, as claimed thus far) on uterus;
  • discovering the significance of the noradrenergic system and oxytocin in the regulation of ovary functions;
  • establishing the Fish Semen Bank at the Institute and improving the technology for fish semen cryopreservation;
  • demonstrating a positive to humans activity of favourable bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract and implementation of food with their addition into the production process, including foodstuffs with reduced allergenic properties;
  • patent specification of a method for obtaining dietetic starch preparations with increased resistance to amylolytic enzymes;
  • elaborating a method for the isolation and identification of bioactive compounds of plant origin indispensable for the monitoring of their transformations in food production processes and in consumer’s body after ingestion.

Apart from research activities, high-standard education of young scientists is the second area of Institute actions. Over 30 Ph.D. students (including 23 persons from Ph.D. studies commenced at the Institute in 2006) and M.Sc. students have been conducting their theses at the Institute. Apart from grants of the Foundation for Polish Science, our Ph.D. students are winning recognition abroad, for example the first place for the best research presentation at the meeting of the Society of the Study of Reproduction in UK in 2006 (Dr. Agnieszka Wacławik), or other domestic and foreign scholarships.

One of the secrets of scientific achievements of our Institute is good collaboration with leading worldwide research centres from Spain, Finland, Germany as well as USA, Japan and recently also India.