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Research & Dissemination

IARFR is comprised of two Divisions:

Biology of Reproduction concentrated on: identification of the reproduction disturbances in animals and humans, introducing new therapeutic techniques and biotechnical methods of infertility prophylaxis and treatment, and designing new tools for protecting biodiversity of animal production and selected species of animals threatened by extinction.

Food Research focused on: identification, assessment, and implementation of strategies for improving nutritive and pro-health values of food, identifying harmful reactions in humans to food ingredients, including intolerances, allergies and pathogenicity, the influence of food and environment on prophylaxis of diabetes mellitus type 2, allergies, obesity and other diet-related diseases.

This unique combination of expertise allows us to conduct very good interdisciplinary research explaining the food- and animal-borne impacts on health and well-being. In fact, Institutes’ excellence has been recognised by the European Commission and Polish authorities. We hold a status of a Leading National Research Centre (KNOW) „Healthy Animal – Safe Food”. We are the Centre of Excellence in “Knowledge Transfer, Research and Education in FOOD & HEALTH for Central and Eastern Europe – CENEXFOOD”, Centre of Excellence in “Biotechniques and biotechnology in designing new strategies for reproduction control and protection of human and animal health – BIOANIREP”, as well a beneficiary of 7FP RegPot project REFRESH „Unlocking the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research potential for reinforced ERA integration and regional development”.

IARFR has also been recognized as a dynamic „innovation engine”. Since 2016 we are a partner of EIT Food and a shareholder of its Colocation Centre North-East. To fuel transfer of knowledge findings Institute has established a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) INOBIOTEK Ltd. We hold a status of a Leading National Research Centre (KNOW) “Healthy Animal – Safe Food”. Within the last 9 years we acquired €10 M from different sources, €8 M from the European Regional Development Fund and the Operational Programme Innovative Economy as well €2 M from Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.. Our Human Resources policy has been accredited with „HR Excellence in Research” logo. We are an active organizer of international conferences – within the last 6 years 22 conferences gathering 2500 people from 48 countries. We are the leader of Responsible Research & Innovation actions in Poland and coordinator of two H2020- MSCA “European Researchers’ Night” projects, as well as other numerous local and national actions demonstrating our ‘Science with and for society’ approach.

IARFR’s researchers seek opportunities to fund their research ideas from various sources. Polish national agencies dominate in this respect, such as the National Science Centre (NSC) funding basic research. At the moment, there are almost 50 NCS projects funded, with some examples as Nutritional and health promoting properties of diets supplemented with seeds or oils from seeds of some plants, Maternal obesity and epigenetic programming: from gametogenesis to early embryo development, or Integrated analysis of transcriptome and proteome as a tool for assessment of quality and ageing process in eggs of pikeperch. National Centre for Research and Development funding is applicable to projects of a collaborative nature. As to these, we are currently running MOBIT – Development of Personalized Diagnostic of Malignant Tumors based on tumor heterogeneity and integrated genomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic and imaging PET/MRI analysis. Getting Ready for Individualized Therapy, EXPLORE ME – Exploitation of regenerative potential of mesenchymal stem cells, CRYOHATCH – Innovative hatchery – implementation of semen cryopreservation into development of breeding programs of salmonid fish and recently completed FLUVAC -Vaccine against influenza – innovative production of subunit antigens. We are now partners in the project Protein2Food – Development of high quality food protein through sustainable production and processing; a project within a Joint Programming Initiative „Healthy Diet Healthy Life – Food Processing for Health” – LONGLIFE – Food Fermentations for Purpose: Health Promotion and Biopreservation. We are also s partner of innovative projects implemented with industrial collaborators within Horizon2020 EIT Food funds: INNOPOULTRY – The poultry food chain: tackling old problems with innovative approaches, and TOMATO – Increasing nutritional value (bio-stimulated) of selected performant tomato varieties to be cultivated in areas with temperate climate.