Call 2018

Massive Online Open Courses – Superfoods: myths and truths

Drawing from the fields of biology, cognitive sciences and nutritional sciences this MOOC aims to discuss superfoods from multiple perspectives, including communication and marketing aspects, the real dietary value of, biological and metabolic aspects of superfoods consumption (positive and negative) and how regular foods are viewed in comparison to superfoods. The course will give its viewers useful information and actionable advice in order to raise awareness about food trends and myths associated with them.

Massive Online Open Courses – Food for thought: the interaction between food and brain

This MOOC will discuss the psychological, unconscious and neurobiological factors underlying food choices as well as focus on the effects of eating disorders and some diets on the brain. The courses underpinned by the findings of biology, psychology, neurosciences and nutritional sciences will familiarize the students with research-based facts about the food they eat as well as with the strategies to improve their everyday diet routines.

SME Workshop: Supporting SMEs for new business opportunities

The main objective of this SME workshop is a trend-driven innovation process around “sustainable food production”, to identify challenges and create solutions in an accelerate innovation process. The first step will involve identifying SMEs challenges and needs related to “sustainable food production” in Europe. The second step will be to determine and study trends related with the challenge as growth opportunities, and apply this knowledge to create innovative solutions, discover niche markets, promote innovation ecosystems and improve competitiveness. Finally, as a part of knowledge transfer approach, 4 SME workshops will be held in Poland, Germany, Spain and UK.