Editorial engagements

Prof. Dariusz Skarżyński has been invited to be the Guest Editor of the special issue on Eicosanoids and other Fatty Acid Metabolites in Female Reproduction: from Physiology to Clinical Practice  for the International Journal of Endocrinology (IF=2,51; Hindawi publishing). In this special issue, the editorial board (D.J. Skarzyński, G.M. Ferreira-Dias, S. Ulbrich, B. Jalali) intends to publish research articles giving new insights into understanding physiopathological role and mechanism by which each eicosanoid can preferentially recognize one or more receptors to act in reproductive function (from ovulation to parturition), aiming to provide a comprehensive update on the studies in this area. (więcej…)

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Editorial success

Prof. Ryszard Amarowicz has been invited as a Guest Editor to the special editions of 3 journals: Beverages; Foods (edited by MDPI – Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, Switzerland) and Bulgarian Chemical Communications. Titles of the editions comprise „Beverages Additive”, „Food Legumes: Physicochemical and Nutritional Properties”, and „Bio-antioxidants”. (więcej…)

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Dr.​ Anna Michalska awarded „L’Oréal for Women in Science” scholarship

Dr. Anna Michalska from the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS in Olsztyn has received a prestigious scholarship „L’Oréal for Women in Science”. In Poland, this scholarship program is coordinated by L’Oréal Polska, Polish National Commission for UNESCO, Polish Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

fot. Justyna Cieślikowska

„L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science” initiative strives to support and recognize accomplished women researchers, to encourage more young women to enter the profession and to assist them once their careers are in progress. Female scientists distinguished in the competition represent various disciplines, yet are united by the excellent level of research they perform and the papers they publish. Their studies are also marked by a considerable developmental potential and a high technology readiness level.

In this year’s, 17th, edition of the contest jury recognized three habilitation scholarships. Dr. Anna Michalska from the Institute PAS in Olsztyn was awarded for her research on the technology of obtaining fruit powders with a desired content of prohealth bioactive compounds. Such powders, derived from natural fruit, may become an alternative for artificial additives or supplements commonly used in the food industry. This type of scholarship was also awarded to Dr. Agnieszka Gajewicz from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdańsk, and Dr. Marta Mańczuk from the Maria Skłodowska – Curie Memorial Cancer Centre in Warsaw.

Laureates of the scholarship are annually chosen by an independent body of 16 recognized researchers who represent different scientific areas and research institutions throughout Poland. So far 87 women researchers have been awarded this prestigious scholarship.

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Best Poster Award

During EuroFoodChem XIX Conference held October 4-6, 2017 in Budapest, Tomasz Sawicki, a PhD student at the Institute’s Department of Chemistry and Biodynamics of Food, was recognized with The Best Poster Award for his presentation titled „Absorption of red beetroot betalains from rat stomach”. The award involves a free participation in the next edition of the EuroFoodChem Conference, which to take place in Portugal. (więcej…)

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European Researchers’Night 2017

200 researchers, 12 hours of experimenting together and several thousands of guests who think science matters. The next, 4th edition, of European Researchers’ Night organised by the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS has just concluded. (więcej…)

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Training at Sensory Laboratory

On September 26-27, 2017 scientific team of Laboratory of Sensory Analysis conducted a sensory evaluation training for employees of Company Enzym PJSC, Lviv– Ukraine, which produces yeast and yeast extracts used as food additives. (więcej…)

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Assistant in the Department of Biodiversity Protection

Assistant position in the Department of Biodiversity Protection in Research Station of Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research in Popielno (vacat no:1)

Field of work in the scientific investigations

  1. Investigations on contamination of radionuclides 90 Sr and 137 Cs in red deer antlers. Collection and chemical analyses of samples since 1953 up to the present (possible grant for investigations) and physiological samples of blood, faeces, urine, etc.
  2. Investigations on chemical consistence of European beaver castoreum (annual glands secrets) and search of effective frightening methods for this species.
  3. Telemetric observations and video monitoring of particular phases of parturition in fallow deer.
  4. Investigations on the behaviour of European beaver in different periods of the year, especially related to the reproduction and post-partum period (video tape analyses).
  5. Collection of the tissues of free-living endemic species (cooperation with PIWet Puławy)

Information about work conditions and perspectives of professional career

Participation in realization of mentioned above investigations will give a chance to get to know the biology of 3 endemic free-living species. Besides participation as a coauthor in the future publication it is possible to prepare an enough data for the PhD thesis manuscript (points 1, 3, 4).

The requirements:

  • PhD degree , MSc., Med. Vet. doctor (agricultural and/or other biological study),
  • Ability of using English (in talking and writing),
  • Ability of using computers programs,
  • Ability to the experimental works with free-living animals,
  • Ability of working in team.

Positive advantages:

  • Self-dependence,
  • Good communication,
  • Organization ability.

The required documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae,
  • Copy of diploma,
  • Motivation letter,
  • Opinion from the last employer or the last scientific supervisor.

Application and documents with note on the cover letter: „Assistant position at the Department of Biodiversity Protection” should be sent to:

Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of PAS
Tuwima Str. 10
Pl- 10-748 Olsztyn

or via email to the email address: j.papurzynska@pan.olsztyn.pl

The documents should be sent by 27 October 2017 12.00. a.m.

The competition will be settled within 21 days.


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