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III Symposium: Perspectives in the protection of biodiversity

The 3rd Symposium on „Perspectives in biodiversity protection” will be held on 5-6 November 2018 at the Creative Work Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wierzba. We organize the symposium for the third time with the hope that it will enter the „map” of permanent scientific and practical meetings in the north-eastern region of Poland. The picturesque Popielański Peninsula as the place of the Symposium reflects not only the beauty of Masuria, but is a living example of biodiversity in nature.

Topics of sessions during the nearest symposium, concern the broadly understood protection of biodiversity, such as biotechnics which are applicable to free-living animals, the issue of reproduction of birds in the face of anthropopressure and the interaction between the agriculture and forest economy and the existence of wild animals.

Participation in the Symposium will be an opportunity to present the results of the latest scientific research, exchange experiences and learn about research methods and techniques. Presence at the Symposium will also allow establishing new contacts between scientists, PhD students, breeders and representatives of institutions actively involved in biodiversity protection.

We cordially invite You to participate in the Symposium.

On behalf of the organizers
Anna Korzekwa