A third of all food globally is lost and wasted. Recognizing food production side streams as valuable raw materials and finding their new applications in different industries is key to a sustainable use of resources and reduction of food waste. Would you care to help us fight for the future of food? We are searching for motivated and talented students who will join us in a School in Iceland and work with us to transform side streams from wasteful to tasteful. Using personal experience and university backgrounds, 10 candidates from Poland and 10 recruits from Iceland will create new concepts and business ideas on how to valorise side streams and reduce food waste.

In a 10-day course coached by professional tutors from Matís Iceland, University of Iceland and Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research (Poland) the participants will explore the most burning topics related to agri-food side streams. How to control them? How to recognize their value? What is their environmental and social imprint? How to manage better and add value to animal and plant-based raw materials? Exposed to state-of-the art enterprises and top-class experts they will design and develop business models to find the new value in waste. Participants will work in interdisciplinary teams, identifying problems, prototyping viable solutions with a validated value proposition and pitching their projects in front of a panel of professionals.

EEA School in Adding Value to Food Side Streams culminates with a Food Hackathon that will give students the floor to put their new knowledge and skills into work!


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Data publikacji: 3.09.2021