Name of the Institute:

Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research Polish Academy of Sciences

Name of the position:

Post-doctoral Researcher in an NCN project SONATA 15 entitled „The interaction of T helper cell subsets with endometrial fibroblasts in processes associated to development of mare endometrosis”

Description of the position:

Candidate will participate in the following research tasks:

  1. Investigation of changes in percentages of endometrial subsets of Th cells in the course of endometrosis;
  2. Investigation of the role of Th cell subsets in processes associated to development of mare endometrosis;
  3. Determination of the effect of IFNγ and interleukins characteristic for Th cells on ECM remodeling and fibrogenesis in mare endometrial fibroblast.

Conditions of work:

  1. Location of the workplace: Zakład Immunologii i Patologii Rozrodu – IRZiBŻ ul. Bydgoska 7, 10-243 Olsztyn;
  2. Date of beginning of the employment: 01.09.2020;
  3. Length of work contract: 36 months.


  1. PhD in biotechnology, biology, veterinary or related discipline (obtained not earlier than 7 years before the date of announcement, degree should be obtained outside the Institution where project will be carried out);
  2. Knowledge in the field of molecular biology, reproduction and immunology;
  3. Experience with following techniques: ELISA, Western blot, qPCR and immunofluorescence staining of proteins in the cell;
  4. Experience with primary cell isolation and culture;
  5. At least one international internship longer than 1 month;
  6. Authorship of at least 3 scientific papers;
  7. Ability to communicate easily in English;
  8. Ability to work in a group.

Interested candidates are asked to provide the following documents:

  1. Motivation letter;
  2. CV including list of publications, conference presentations, membership in scientific organizations and other awards;
  3. PhD diploma or certificate of participation in studies at the moment;
  4. Recommendation letter from a scientific mentor, confirming skills necessary for completing the project;
  5. Documents confirming proficiency in foreign languages;
  6. Other documents, that in the opinion of the candidate are important when considering him/her for the position.

Applications should be sent to:

Dr. Anna Szóstek-Mioduchowska, e-mail:

Deadline: 24.07.2020

The subject of the message should be „Call for Post-doc Researcher/SONATA”.


Data publikacji: 23.06.2020