On the 6th of December we will celebrate EIT Food ZERO WASTE festival to take place during St. Nicolas Day in Poland. This will be the 8th and last event organised under #AnnualFoodAgenda project in Poland in 2019. Scientists from the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS together with experts from Maspex and Food Bank in Olsztyn will prepare demonstrations, discussions and science shows on food sustainability and ‘’zero waste’’ ecological trends for middle school students and teachers.

Participants will learn simple methods of responsible food management that can be successfully used in everyday life, as well as get familiarized with the idea of ‘food sharing’ implemented by Polish Food Banks. Hand-in-hand with scientists the guests will perform laboratory analyses and discover health benefits of many food production side streams, which are commonly treated as waste, e.g. fruit pomace or coffee grounds. Students will also get an insight into the process of freeze-drying, an innovative food preservation method which allows keeping the nutritional value of products for a very long time. They will check the production process behind food stuffs with a 30-year long expiration date, take a look at space scrambled eggs and find out how to distinguish dried from freeze-dried foods.

During the event, young adepts will also take part in workshops on designing functional foods and personalised products for ‘’special tasks’’, which are dedicated to persons suffering from diet-related diseases. The formula of St. Nicolas Day with EIT Food meeting allows direct contact with the experts and will bring many surprises to all the guests.

The event will take place in Czarny Groń near Wadowice.





Data publikacji: 5.12.2019