‚Cosmic’ food, superheroes on a plate, manufacture of food scientists, chemical mishmash in the kitchen, flower slow food, and youth potions from antioxidants. These are just some of the food celebration events showcased by the scientists from the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS and MASPEX during Researchers’ Night with EIT Food in Olsztyn, Poland. On September 27th several thousand consumers at large took part in EIT Food #AnnualFoodAgenda events held in the centre of region’s biggest shopping mall. School children, teachers, adults and seniors had a unque opportunity to explore, learn and analyse food, while ,learning about balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. We could design a diet best for our blood cells, test antioxidants content in different drinks, experiment with fermentation bacteria, and discover the proceses behind food digestion in our body. We got familiarized with alternatives to food additives, tasted products with high nutritional value achieved thanks to innovative preservation methods and participated in „zero waste” culinary workshops.

The event was part of the third season of #Annual Food Agenda (www.annualfoodagenda.com): #Healthier Nutrition.







Data publikacji: 7.10.2019