Dr. Mamadou Bah, head of IARFR’s Research Station in Popielno, and Dr. Anna Korzekwa, head of IARFR’s Conservation Biology team, have become the members of the Scientific and Social Council of the Promotional Forest Complex „Mazury Forests”.

Inauguration of the new term of Council’s operation was held on 28 November 2018 in Spychowo.

Mazury Forests Complex covers the area of 118 216 ha and is the second largest facility of this type in Poland. It stretches from Mrągowo in the north, Orzysz and Biała Piska in the east, Kolno and Myszyniec in the south, up to Szczytno and Biskupiec in the west. The Complex comprises forests that belong to divisions of Pisz and Maskulińskie with Regional State Forest Directorate (RSFD) in Białystok, as well as Spychowo, Strzałowo and Mrągowo with RSFD in Olsztyn. It also includes the lands of the Research Station in Popielno. Mazury Forests Complex is famous for sitting one of the biggest landscape parks. Masurian Landscape Park was established in 1977 in order to protect and conserve the most valuable assets of the natural environment of the Masurian Lake District. The Park is considered exceptional due to the landscape of earth’s surface, abundance and beauty of fauna and flora, as well as spectacular opportunities for recreation and tourism. It covers the area of 53 655 ha. The water lane, together with numerous lakes and Krutynia river, is the hallmark of this marvelous site, attracting hoards of tourists.


Data publikacji: 14.12.2018