Director of Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Science in Olsztyn announces an open call for the position:

  • assistant professor at the Department of Hormonal Action Mechanisms (number of positions: 1)

in the project (Opus 14): „Effect of embryonic signal on conceptus and profile of global gene expression in porcine endometrium in vivo” funded by National Science Centre in Poland.

Employment for full-time position for duration of project, max. 36 months.

Research and other activities in which the candidate will take part in:

  • determination of the effect of embryonic signals on global gene expression profile in the porcine endometrium in vivo;
  • elucidation of role of embryonic signals in endometrial gene expression by DNA methylation processes in vivo;
  • analysis of estradiol effect on expression of genes involved in embryo-maternal interactions and effect of estradiol on trophoblast cells during embryo implantation.

Information on work conditions and perspectives of personal professional development:

Participation in the above-mentioned scientific research will contribute to a significant increase in the candidate’s scientific competence in conducting advanced molecular research on mechanisms and factors critical for proper development of embryo implantation and maintenance of pregnancy. The candidate will have a large prospect of developing skills and competences in using molecular biology analyses, particularly transcriptomics and DNA methylation, Real Time PCR, Western Blot) and microscopic techniques (immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, confocal microscopy).

Main requirements:

  • PhD in biological sciences or similar (obtained not earlier than 7 years before employment in this project);
  • knowledge, confirmed by scientific achievements (PhD thesis, scientific papers, presentations on the conferences), in conducting research in biology of reproduction;
  • scientific achievements: paper in journals indexed in JCR, at least two as the firs author, citations of papers;
  • experience, confirmed by scientific achievements, in conducting experiments in vivo on farm animals;
  • dexperience, confirmed by scientific achievements, in using molecular biology methods including transciptomomics, gene expression microarrays, research on DNA methylation;
  • ability to design and conduct experiments in vitro, with particular emphasis on tissue and cell culture in vitro; isolation of primary porcine endometrial cells (epithelial, stromal, endothelial and trophoblast cells);
  • good ability to use programs such as GraphPad Prism, GeneSpring GX, Ingenuity Pathways Analysis, BioConductor, Multiexperiment Viewer will be highly appreciated;
  • realized foreign scientific internship (at least 3-month stay);
  • experience in realization of scientific projects;
  • good command of English in speech and writing allowing for presenting results at international conferences and preparation of manuscripts.

Documents to be submitted:

  • copy of PhD diploma;
  • curriculum vitae with scientific record, information about knowledge of required methods and techiques and list of scientific papers;
  • covering letter;
  • recommendation letter signed by a recognized researcher;
  • documents confirming skills in English;
  • documents confirming post-doctoral internship.

The documents should be sent via e-mail to: or to the below address (the post stamp will be taken into account):

Mrs. Joanna Papurzyńska
Human Resources Specialist
Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research
Polish Academy of Sciences
Tuwima Street 10
10-748 Olsztyn.

The deadline for sending the documents is August 10, 2018, 12.00. a.m.

Results of the call will be announced within approx. 21 days since the application deadline.


Data publikacji: 12.07.2018