On 18 – 20 June 2018 the House of Creative Work in Wierzba, Poland will host the II KNOW Symposium „Healthy animal – safe food” & XII Symposium „Genetic, Physiological and Environmental Conditions of Animal Reproduction and Health and the Safety and Quality of Animal-Derived Food”.

The Symposia will provide the floor to present the latest research results in the area of:

  • Genetic and epigenetic basis of improving productive and functional qualities and health of farm animals;
  • Epidemiological studies on farm and wild animals, and the environment as a source of pathogens considered harmful for humans and animals;
  • Innovative methods of diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of animal diseases;
  • Food quality and safety.

During the meeting, research outcomes will be delivered by young scientists – grantees of KNOW financial subsidies awarded within the ESR research projects, POST-DOC internships, and support programme for cost facilities – representing The Scientific Consortium KNOW and associated institutes.

Participant of the Symposia will also have a chance to visit the Research Station PAS in Popielno.

Applications for a passive participation in the meeting shall be submitted on the e-mail: j.murawska-kempa@pan.olsztyn.pl.


Data publikacji: 8.02.2018