The results of the works performed in 2017 by the experts of the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) have been summarized in the report on the opportunities and challenges to be faced by the research on food security, nutrition and agriculture in Europe. The report has been prepared as a contribution to the global project initiated by the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) – a transnational network of science academies. The actions of IAP unite the regional European perspectives with the problems experienced by Africa, Asia, Americas, Oceana and Australia, to identify the cooperation paths in the area of politics and science, and to determine solutions to the global challenges in agriculture, food systems and nutrition. Nowadays, the most burning issue of public health in Europe is the excessive consumption of high-calorie food that leads to overweight and obesity. Europeans are also concerned as to the other threats to food and nutrition safety, and are expected to be aware of the influence of their activities on the rest of the world. The report states that the security of food and nutrition will provide an unrestrained access to healthy and low-cost food that is also environmentally sustainable. It is necessary to respect diversity in food systems and food consumed among individual countries, as well as to investigate the variability in nutritional needs of e.g. groups of sensitive populations and throughout the life of every individual.

Prof. Barbara Wróblewska was actively involved in the works of EASAC and preparation of the report.

The report is available here.


Data publikacji: 13.12.2017