Director of Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Science in Olsztyn announces an open call for the position:

  • assistant professor at the department of Gamete and Embryo Biology (number of positions: 1)

Research and other activities in which the candidate will take part in:

  • Research on oocytes and eggs of fish with the use of transcriptomics and proteomics techniques;
  • Analysis of the mechanisms determining proper development of fish oocytes and identification of factors responsible for the developmental competences of eggs;
  • Applied research on improvement of reproductive performance of females fishes, with special attention paid to the quality of eggs and sperm;
  • Preparation and active participation in implementation of scientific results at commercial fish farms.

Information on work conditions and perspectives of personal professional development:

Participation in above mentioned scientific research and implementation works will contribute to significant improvement of competencies of a candidate in the field of research related to fish oocytes, eggs and embryos with the use of molecular biology analytical techniques, especially with transcriptomics. Consequently, the candidate will have high perspective of improvement of his own skills and competencies by working in interdisciplinary team in collaboration with aquaculture sector, giving the possibility of personal development in both – basic and applied research areas.

Main requirements:

  • PhD in agriculture sciences or similar;
  • Two-year long post-doctoral internship outside the home country;
  • Relevant scientific record and patents;
  • Experience in research on controlled reproduction of finfishes with special emphasize on evaluation of egg quality, in vitro fertilization and larviculture, confirmed by the relevant scientific publications;
  • Experience in laboratory works related to gene expression analysis (e.g. extraction of RNA, reverse transcription, real-time qPCR etc.), confirmed by the relevant scientific publications;
  • Experience in transcriptomics and proteomics of fish gametes;
  • English at a good level in writing and speaking;
  • Very good knowledge in using computer and analytical equipment.

Subsidiary requirements:

  • Participation in at least two international applied projects implemented together with the industry representatives (SMEs);
  • Coordination of at least one basic research project in collaboration with foreign partners (either completed or still ongoing) related to controlled reproduction of fish females or quality of fish eggs;
  • Experience in implementation of own scientific results to the aquaculture industry at an international level;
  • Experience in editorial works of scientific and popular papers;
  • Communication skills;
  • Team working abilities;
  • Organizational skills and experience, including organization of international workshops and scientific conferences.

Documents to be submitted:

  • curriculum vitae with scientific record,
  • cover letter,
  • copy of PhD diploma,
  • documents confirming post-doctoral internship,
  • recommendation letter signed by a recognized researcher.

The documents should be sent to the below address:

Mrs. Joanna Papurzyńska
Human Resources Specialist
Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research Polish Academy of Sciences
Tuwima Street 10
10-748 OLSZTYN

The deadline for sending the documents is January 19, 2018, 12.00. a.m. (the post stamp will be taken into account),

The documents could also be sent via e-mail to:

Results of the call will be announced within 21 days since the application deadline.


Data publikacji: 19.12.2017