The Scientific and Organising Committee cordially invites to the II Symposium – Perspectives in Biodiversity Protection to be held on November 6-8, 2017 in the House of Creative Work in Wierzba, Poland.

The I Symposium took place last year on November 28-29, 2016, providing a ground to present the scientific activities and further research plans of the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS in Olsztyn, Institute’s Research Station in Popielno, and the Mammal Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Białowieża. The event allowed to develop a platform of information exchange between scientists, local authorities and institutions engaged in the area of conservation biology. The last year’s networking and discussions were so fruitful and intense that Prof. Mariusz Piskuła, Institute’s Director General, suggested making the symposium an annual meeting. Therefore, taking into consideration the enthusiastic attitude of the participants  and their willingness to further elaborate upon the topics related to the issue of biodiversity protection, we wish to welcome you during the 2nd edition of the event.

We hope that both the scientific and social part of the meeting, together with the unique nature of Popielno Peninsula, will encourage you to present interesting lectures and research results.

More information about abstract submission, agenda and accommodation will be available soon.


Data publikacji: 21.08.2017