It is our pleasure to inform that one of our scientists Prof. Agnieszka Waclawik, has been nominated to International Committee, which organizes cyclic scientific meetings International Conference of Pig Reproduction (ICPR). This nomination was announced during 10th International Conference of Pig Reproduction held in University of Missouri in Columbia, USA, on June 11-14, 2017.

International Conference of Pig Reproduction embraces scientists focused on both basic and applied aspects of reproduction in pigs. This Conference is organized every 4 years in different countries in the world. Professor Adam J. Ziecik served as a member of International Committee of ICPR for years 2006-2013 and our Institute was co-organizer of 9th ICPR in 2013 in Olsztyn.

This year’s 10th ICPR was attended by 160 participants, including 10 scientists from our Institute. Prof. Agnieszka Waclawik and Prof. Monika M. Kaczmarek were invited by the organizers to have oral presentations during this conference.

Program and abstract book as well as some photos from ICPR 2017 are available at and


Data publikacji: 27.06.2017